Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

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Lighting schemes specifically designed to comply with BS & CIBSE guidelines.
LED lighting that provides significant energy savings.
Lighting solutions to help to reduce carbon footprint.
Commercial lighting consultancy services.
Earlsmann Partnership Programme created to provide lighting expertise & support services to electrical contractors & M&E engineers.

Lighting accounts for up to 40% of typical business electricity use

So reducing your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money.

A well-designed energy-efficient lighting scheme can reduce the amount of electricity you consume, while increasing the quality of light to retain or even improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees.

Warehouse LED lighting - Earlsmann Specifying the correct lighting for a specific application can provide significant energy savings. UP TO MORE INFO 90% ENERGY SAVING Reducing lighting electricity consumption is possible on any budget TOP 83-500 Bottom 95 500 Car Park LED Lighting - Earlsmann Lighting upgrades from legacy lighting (Fluorescent, Incandescent etc.) to LED technology can provide considerable energy savings. TRANSITION TO LED & GENERATE AROUND LED LIGHTING 60% ENERGY SAVING Reducing lighting electricity consumption is possible on any budget TOP 83-500 Bottom 95 500 Office LED Lighting - Earlsmann Automatic lighting controls can make extensive reductions in energy use and save money. INSTALL LIGHTING CONTROL & ACHIEVE UP TO LIGHTING CONTROL 30 – 50% ENERGY SAVING Reducing lighting electricity consumption is possible on any budget TOP 83-500 Bottom 95 500 Swimming Pool LED Lighting - Earlsmann The longer life span of LED lighting means less frequent replacement and lower maintenance costs in terms of parts and labour. SAVE UP TO LED LIGHTING 10% OF YOUR MAINTENANCE COST Reducing lighting electricity consumption is possible on any budget TOP 83-500 Bottom 95 500

Why upgrade to energy-efficient lighting?

Upgrading to LED lighting can save your business up to 50-90% energy consumption. Even upgrading existing first-generation LED lights to newer solutions can offer energy savings. LED technology has continued to evolve over the last 10 years. New lighting products can offer considerable energy savings at a lower price point.

Ensuring that you have the right lighting solution can have a huge effect on energy efficiency and maintenance costs compared to older technologies (legacy lighting – Fluorescent, Incandescent etc.)

To gain the biggest benefits, placement, design and usage need to be considered along with a phased installation to minimise disruption. Future-proof lighting technology comes with an upfront cost which is weighed out through the product’s life span that typically lasts far longer and saves a significant amount on energy bills compared to the incumbent solution.

We have proven expertise providing lighting consultancy to support architects, engineers and electrical contractors or our team of talented designers and lighting engineers can deliver bespoke functional, reliable and cost-effective solutions that cover all aspects of the project life-cycle, from initial survey, design and specification to installation. 

LED Lighting Benefits


Our news section includes Earlsmann Lighting’s latest case studies, project installations, and relevant industry news.

Minimise Your Energy Lighting Consumption

With our flexible approach to energy-efficient lighting services, we can provide experience and expertise at any key stage to support your project or help with the entire project life-cycle.


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Earlmann lighting has helped all kinds of organisations light their premises more efficiently, from the public sector, local authorities to blue-chip and SME businesses.

“We are delighted with the creative aesthetic look of the lights in the atrium area. Earlsmann Lighting provided a solution to our brief that not only provides interest but also performs the function of lighting the area to the correct standard.”

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“The benefits from upgrading the lighting scheme were evident straight away, our power consumption for lighting reduced from 7kW to 2kW per hour. A cost saving of this significance has enabled us to quickly payback the initial capital outlay in a reasonable time frame.”

3 Step Process

Earlsmann lighting has an easy 3 step process that reviews the current lighting scheme, addresses the required upgrade and supplies and installs the right solution with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Call 01884 259917  to speak to one of our lighting specialists or email:

FREE Audit | Site Survey

The initial audit is conducted via telephone to identify the client’s requirements and assess the current lighting scheme.
A site survey* enables one of our lighting experts to physically assess the environment, highlight deficiencies and establish the correct light levels required.

*Available to eligible companies

Design | Specification

This enables us to create CAD models and utilise specialist lighting software to design a lighting scheme that provides the correct light levels and adheres to lighting standards. 

Energy-saving calculations are provided and ROI (Return on Investment) demonstrated.

Supply | Installation

An installation plan is devised to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. We assign an account manager to project manage and oversee the entire process.


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