How to improve workplace lighting and reduce energy consumption

Improve workplace lightingLighting upgrades can improve workplace lighting and staff productivity by creating a better-lit environment for staff. Less glare, better lighting controls, considered zoning and lighting spacing can all…

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  • Post published:August 6, 2020

Launch of the Earlsmann Lighting Partnership Programme

Launch of the Earlsmann Lighting Partnership ProgrammeEarlsmann Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of the Earlsmann Lighting Partnership Programme. Aimed to provide lighting design expertise, in-depth knowledge of standards and…

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  • Post published:July 30, 2020

Carbon Footprint Calculator for SMEs created by the Carbon Trust

Calculate your organisation’s operational emissions – including electricity energy consumption The calculator is designed to help UK based SMEs benchmark their corporate emission footprint following GHG Protocol Guidance. It considers…

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  • Post published:September 26, 2019