Commercial swimming pool lighting specialist Earlsmann Lighting

Commercial swimming pool lighting specialist Earlsmann Lighting

LED Swimming Pool Lighting Solutions

When planning a lighting scheme for indoor swimming pools it’s important to consider the potential glare caused?   from the surface of the water. A combination of wall lighting and ceiling fixtures used within the design of the scheme will purposefully direct light to minimise glare on the pool’s surface.

Significant energy savings were achieved for Loughton Leisure Centre’s indoor swimming pool

Earlsmann Lighting was commissioned to design new pool lighting at Loughton Leisure Centre in Essex. Loughton Leisure Centre’s brief was to reduce energy costs and improve their facilities for their customers. The original swimming pool area’s lighting scheme consisted of metal halide fittings and was increasingly unreliable and expensive to maintain.


The Challenge

As the existing scheme had dated, some lights were failing and the light levels had dropped to below 200 lux. The investment in replacing the entire lighting system ensured that Loughton Leisure Centre could provide a better user experience for swimmers, curtail ongoing maintenance and reduce energy costs.

Compliance with BS EN 15288-1 (Safety requirements for designing swimming pools for public use) was necessary, to ensure there is sufficient light for lifeguards to see the entire pool and everyone using it. Glare should also be minimised to ensure a comfortable and pleasant visual experience for all pool users. To comply with the BS EN 15288-1 and CIBSE guidelines the lighting specification was set at an overall target of 300 lux with >0.7 uniformity.


The Solution

Using computer simulation Earlsmann Lighting modelled a lighting scheme utilising a combination of uplights and downlights to allow for different installation heights across the sloping ceiling above the pool. The actual lighting levels exceeded the target expectations, and the main pool is now lit to 350 lux and 0.73 uniformity achieving a 50% increase in light levels, energy savings of 35,000 kWh and a carbon output reduced by 19 tonnes. 

Commercial swimming pool lighting project that exceeded expectations

  • Energy savings – 50% reduction in lighting cost
  • 3 years return on investment
  • Improved facilities – 50% improvement in overall lighting levels
  • Reduced carbon footprint – annual CO2 emissions were reduced by 19 tonnes.
  • Virtually maintenance-free lighting solution
  • 5 year warranty on the fittings


Could your commercial swimming pool benefit from a lighting upgrade?

Whether your pool is run as a commercial business open to the general public or private Earlsmann Lighting has the expertise to provide a comprehensive service from initial survey to calculate potential energy savings, lighting scheme design, specify and supply fixtures through to installation.
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