Installing a commercial lighting control system can reduce your premises energy usage

Installing a commercial lighting control system can reduce your premises energy usage
  • Post published:October 15, 2020
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Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Reduce lighting costs while making your facility more environmentally friendly.

Designing a lighting scheme using the correct lighting control will save your business energy consumption and therefore running costs.

A commercial lighting control system works efficiently through a series of sensors installed throughout the building to manage lighting control in both vacant and occupied areas. Lighting control systems can be configured to detect areas in buildings that are unoccupied and turn off lights (if appropriate). Also, light levels can be identified, and light levels adjusted to ensure a constant lux level.

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The benefits of installing lighting control systems

Lower Energy Usage

Commercial buildings can waste 30% of their total lighting energy usage in unoccupied areas.

Understanding the requirements of working premises is essential to designing the right lighting scheme. A commercial lighting control system includes modular elements such as light sensors and motion detectors that monitor the building’s lighting needs and responds by delivering the correct lumen output. Smart lighting control will reduce energy usage and can eliminate colossal energy waste.

Reduce the Cost of Operation

Commercial Lighting Control Systems can be configured to manage the building’s operative times and areas.

Each commercial premises has different lighting requirements based on use and operating times. Relying on manual operation for the turning off of lights is likely to lead to needless energy waste – people tend to be forgetful when turning off lights during the day, overnight or even during holiday shutdowns especially when they are not responsible the electricity bill. Lighting control provides automation, ensuring lights are off when not required so operation costs can be significantly decreased.

Improve Security

Add another layer of security throughout your building with motion detection lighting.

Building lighting control systems can provide a valuable security feature by utilising motion sensors. If an intrusion is detected lights can flood the detected area to deter intruders.

Enhance Control

Smart lighting control provides greater control over facility lighting from any location.

Utilising the internet, it is possible for building owners or managers to gain access and control lighting options remotely using anything from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Don’t waste energy unnecessarily!

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