LED Lighting is the most common energy-saving measure within schools

LED Lighting is the most common energy-saving measure within schools
  • Post published:October 29, 2020
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LED Lighting Solutions For Schools

There is a fine line between maintaining facilities and managing budgets. Many schools strive to find ways to reduce expenditure and ensure budgets are spent efficiently.  Investing in LED lighting schemes combined with intelligent lighting control will indeed deliver significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs – resulting in a remaining budget that can be relocated into supporting the curriculum.

Smart schools invest in LED lighting technology

Lighting is one of the largest expenditures for schools. A typical secondary school using legacy lighting (fluorescent lighting) could spend up to £50,000 per year to light the facilities. The Carbon Trust conducted research that demonstrated that lighting accounts for 20% of a typical school’s total energy bill.

If schools within the UK focused on reducing energy costs, it could realise savings of over £44 million a year and prevent approximately 625,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

LED lighting technology offers substantial savings in both energy and monetary terms but also offers controllable light levels. Improving the lighting throughout schools will enhance facilities, create energising spaces for both pupils to learn and teachers to work. Research suggests that good lighting can have a positive impact on concentration levels, mood, motivation and wellbeing, therefore help to boost pupils’ attainment.

Swanlea School in Whitechapel, London achieved a 60% energy saving

Swanlea School, recently graded ‘outstanding’ in a recent OFSTED assessment, were actively looking for ways to reduce expenditure while also investing in providing better facilities to support ongoing exceptional achievement.

Situated in a dense urban area of the east of the City of London Swanlea was designed by Percy Thomas Partnership with Hampshire County Architects. The building has three floors with a large full-height central area with a curved glass roof, where occupants cross walkways and bridges to access classrooms and facilities.

The project encompassed diverse areas; LED office lighting, store areas, lighting classrooms, corridors, cloakrooms, assembly halls and sports hall lighting. Each area has an individual lighting requirement needing 15 different types of luminaires over 2,000 fixtures in total. These included emergency LED lighting, customised cornice fittings and bespoke fittings, fabricated and manufactured by Earlsmann Lighting.

Working with NCS Technology a member of Earlsmann’s Lighting Partnership Programme, the project was installed on time and to budget.

A positive result for Swanlea School

  • 60% reduction in lighting cost
  • 8 years return of investment
  • Virtually maintenance-free lighting solution
  • Annual CO2 emissions were reduced by 58 tonnes.
  • 5 year warranty on the fittings
  • Improvement in overall lighting throughout the school’s buildings

“lighting throughout the school has significantly improved, exactly what we hoped for. We have been very impressed with Earlsmann Lighting and NCS, we hardly noticed they were there as they were extremely professional and provided an excellent, trouble-free installation”.
Terry Stimson, Site Manager – Swanlea School

Choose Earlsmann Lighting as your lighting partner to deliver an LED lighting solution that will achieve both energy and monetary savings

Earlsmann Lighting has many years’ experience in the LED marketplace, specialising in providing educational institutes and sports venues a comprehensive range of led lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

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