LED warehouse lighting generates a significant energy saving

LED warehouse lighting generates a significant energy saving

LED lighting provides an excellent light source to illuminate warehouse and distribution centres. Companies that can upgrade from older traditional fixtures to modern LED lighting fixtures will reap the benefits of light energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. LED lighting solution specialists Earlsmann were commissioned by Sovrin Plastics to upgrade the lighting throughout the company’s warehouse and operational areas.

LED Lighting provides the correct level of illumination for precision manufacturing

As a leading manufacturer of precision plastic mouldings to the medical, electronics and engineering industries Sovrin Plastics have specific lighting requirements. Light levels must abide by workplace lighting regulations and guidelines to ensure that their workforce can operate and maintain the highest possible standards throughout the manufacturing process. From the initial survey it was apparent that the current lighting arrangement, comprising of twin six-foot batten fittings, did not offer a bright, uniform light and due to running costs and ongoing maintenance was certainly not efficient to run. Earlsmann were instructed to design a new LED lighting scheme to meet BS and CIBSE to provide improved illumination across the warehouse and operational mezzanine floor areas.

Working directly the client to design a lighting scheme to meet all requirements

Earlsmann liaised directly with the team at Sovrin Plastics to establish the exact requirements and time scale. The lighting scheme needed to deliver over 400 lux at one metre from the ground with motion sensors at a pre-set of 20% dimming level. Automatic dimming helps to maximise savings by decreasing the light level of any area that is not in use. This is an important feature of the design as the warehouse is required to be operational 24/7 but not necessarily always occupied by staff.

Earlsmann’s design team utilised Relux modelling software to simulate the light levels of the specified fittings chosen. The lighting solution comprised of 100W and 200W high-bay LED units for the warehouse, slim low-bay type fittings for the mezzanine and emergency lighting fittings to comply with the requirements of BS5266 (Emergency Lighting). Installation was scheduled to ensure the minimum disruption to Sovrin plastics’ operation.

The client was a beneficiary of a government incentive scheme to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting

Sovrin Plastics were able to obtain a business grant through the Low Carbon Workspaces local enterprise scheme. The scheme provided an incentive to invest in a new LED lighting scheme and funded 33% of the project cost. Benefiting immediately from a significant energy saving, as the power consumption for lighting reduced from 7kW to 2kW per hour. Achieving this sort of saving and the increased reliability and longevity of the LED fittings compared to old traditional lighting, achieved a rapid payback of initial capital outlay.