Lighting controls can make huge reductions in energy use

Installing the right lighting control can achieve up to 30 – 50% reductions in energy use and save money.

Energy saving lighting control

LED lighting is undoubtedly far more efficient than legacy lighting (Fluorescent, Incandescent etc.), however, if installed with no consideration to control there will still be energy wastage, avoidable costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Lighting control is paramount to managing effective lighting schemes ensuring that the correct light is provided in areas at the right time period. Properly specified and installed lighting control will ensure that artificial lighting is turned off or dimmed accordingly to meet the function or activity, or when an area is unoccupied, or if there is sufficient daylight. This ensures there is no unnecessary use of electricity, eliminating the risk of human error (e.g. forgetting to switch off the lights).

Earlsmann lighting controls

Minimise Your Energy Lighting Consumption

With our flexible approach to our service offering, we can provide experience and expertise at any key stage to support your project or help with the entire project life-cycle.


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3 principle techniques for reducing electricity use

lighting control - movement detection

Movement Detection

Motion sensors, (also known as occupancy sensors or presence sensors) when integrated correctly in the appropriate locations into a lighting scheme, provide detection coverage and switch on, off or dim lights to suit the operational needs of the environment.

lighting control - time bases lighting

Time-based Lighting

Lighting can be scheduled to turn on and off, set light levels at different time periods and change lighting profiles.

lighting control - Maintained Illuminance

Maintained Illuminance

Integrated light sensors will create optimal lighting conditions, while adapting dynamically to the environment and human needs.

3 Step Process

Earlsmann lighting has an easy 3 step process that reviews the current lighting scheme, addresses the required upgrade and supplies and installs the right solution with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

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FREE Audit | Site Survey

The initial audit is conducted via telephone to identify the client’s requirements and assess the current lighting scheme.
A site survey* enables one of our lighting experts to physically assess the environment, highlight deficiencies and establish the correct light levels required.

*Available to eligible companies

Design | Specification

This enables us to create CAD models and utilise specialist lighting software to design a lighting scheme that provides the correct light levels and adheres to lighting standards. 

Energy-saving calculations are provided and ROI (Return on Investment) demonstrated.

Supply | Installation

An installation plan is devised to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. For larger projects we assign an account manager to project manage and oversee the entire process.


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