Optimise your lighting scheme to enhance performance and quality control

Installing LED lighting into manufacturing facilities should be high on the agenda for companies whose environments require brilliant lighting for manufacturing and quality control.

Now is a good time to upgrade your lighting scheme

There are numerous factories and manufacturing facilities that still use fluorescent tube lights and battens to light their premises. These are known to flicker, are not particularly reliable, often fail and contain non-friendly gases such as mercury. These types of fittings are definitely on the decline and will soon be phased out completely.

Modern LED lighting technologies provide significant energy savings, reliable long life and negligible maintenance costs.

Earlsmann lighting has proven expertise in delivering functional lighting solutions, from retrofit LED replacement installations to improving energy efficiency, or designing a totally new lighting scheme to the customer’s specifications. All lighting designs meet Workplace Lighting Regulations, CIBSE guidelines and emergency lighting conforms to BS5266 and all LED fittings supplied with a 5 year warranty.

Our experienced team will handle your project from start to finish, with minimal disruption to your day to day operation.

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Key areas for consideration when designing a lighting scheme

Minimise Your Energy Lighting Consumption

With our flexible approach to our service offering, we can provide experience and expertise at any key stage to support your project or help with the entire project life-cycle.


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Claim 100% tax relief via the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

What is the Annual Investment Allowance Scheme?

The UK’s Annual Investment Allowance Scheme enables businesses to claim enhanced tax relief for investing in energy-efficient equipment such as LED lighting solutions.

Upgrading lighting schemes to modern LED technology will provide energy saving and in turn lower electricity bills. Carefully selected fittings and equipment may also ensure that the investment is eligible for 100% tax relief within the first year.

3 Step Process

Earlsmann lighting has an easy 3 step process that reviews the current lighting scheme, addresses the required upgrade and supplies and installs the right solution with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Call 01884 259917  to speak to one of our lighting specialists or email: sales@earlsmannlighting.co.uk

FREE Audit | Site Survey

The initial audit is conducted via telephone to identify the client’s requirements and assess the current lighting scheme.
A site survey* enables one of our lighting experts to physically assess the environment, highlight deficiencies and establish the correct light levels required.

*Available to eligible companies

Design | Specification

This enables us to create CAD models and utilise specialist lighting software to design a lighting scheme that provides the correct light levels and adheres to lighting standards. 

Energy-saving calculations are provided and ROI (Return on Investment) demonstrated.

Supply | Installation

An installation plan is devised to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. For larger projects we assign an account manager to project manage and oversee the entire process.


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