Monday 11th January 2021 is the deadline for the Salix Funding scheme for LED Lighting

Monday 11th January 2021 is the deadline for the Salix Funding scheme for LED Lighting
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Salix Funding Scheme for LED Lighting

What is the Salix Funding scheme (SEEF)?

The SEEF is an interest-free government loan that has been designed to be repaid through the savings you make on your lighting energy bills from installing energy-efficient LED technology. 

What type of school or academy is eligible for the interest-free Salix Funding scheme (SEEF)?

The scheme is available to all organisations (schools and academies) that manage their own energy bills and that haven’t signed a long-term energy contract. Salix Finance operated several interest-free loan programmes across England that is available to public sector organisations including maintained schools, local authorities and NHS bodies.

Salix Finance – England Loan Schemes – Read More>

What kind of savings could be achieved?

Salix funding scheme for LED Lighting - saving illustration

Savings that each school/academy can achieve will vary due to their individual lighting energy consumption. Here is an illustration of a typical secondary school’s lighting upgrade and the saving they are estimated to achieve.

A Salix interest-free fund of approx. £92k was obtained to replace their existing lighting with new generation LED technology including lighting control to manage lighting consumption. From the initial installation, they were able to receive the benefits of 25% saving on their original lighting costs while the loan is paid back over a calculated term of 4.5 years. The overall lifetime saving is estimated at £184.5K+.

There is also an environmental benefit as the CO2 emissions are calculated to show a reduction of 111 tonnes per year.

Take advantage of the energy-efficient Salix Funding scheme before time runs out!

Earlsmann Lighting can help you calculate the savings you could achieve by upgrading your lighting scheme to new generation LED technology. We have years of experience working in the educational sector and have helped numerous educational facilities that apply for both funding grants and finance finding schemes achieve significant savings with energy-efficient LED lighting schemes. 

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