Royal Greenwich Council invest in upgrading their lighting scheme to save 60% energy consumption

Royal Greenwich Council invest in upgrading their lighting scheme to save 60% energy consumption
  • Post published:November 5, 2020
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Take control of your lighting – create brighter spaces, lower energy consumption & reduce carbon emissions

2020 has presented huge challenges, but it has also helped us to focus and look to create a better future. Where we can, most of us are encouraged to work from home and especially over the next few months, there is a window of opportunity for facilities managers to plan and execute refurbishment projects that will provide a return on investment, and the works can be carried out with minimal disruption.

Achieve a brighter 2021 by upgrading your lighting scheme

Royal Greenwich Council is investing in installing new LED lighting technology throughout the Council’s head office at the Woolwich Centre, south-east London. Seven floors of the Woolwich Centre which includes open-plan offices, meeting rooms, stairwells and corridors, presentation rooms and the Woolwich Library will all receive a lighting upgrade.

The established partnership between Earlsmann Lighting and NCS Technology has ensured the premise’s existing lighting scheme has been analysed, new improved lighting schemes have been designed, fittings have been sourced and bespoke fittings are being manufactured and due for installation over the winter months.

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Bespoke LED lighting and intelligent lighting control will deliver significant savings

From Spring 2021, the new lighting will provide an improved working environment for Council employees, and for visitors to Woolwich Library.
  • 60% reduction in lighting cost
  • Virtually maintenance-free lighting solution
  • Annual 400 tonnes reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 5-year warranty on the fittings
  • Improvement in overall lighting throughout the building.

Choose Earlsmann Lighting Consultants to optimise your building performance

Earlsmann Lighting has many years’ experience in the LED lighting technology marketplace, specialising in providing educational institutes and sports venues a comprehensive range of led lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application.

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