Optimise your lighting scheme to reduce operational costs

80% of a typical warehouse’s energy consumption can be attributed to lighting.
Therefore, analysing existing lighting schemes and identifying actual operational requirements, is one of the simplest ways to save energy and money.

Smart commercial warehouse lighting

Lighting warehouse facilities 24/7 is costly and could be unnecessary. In some instances, warehouses have areas that are only entered for short periods and infrequently. A lighting scheme that combines lighting control with a management system featuring presence detection will enable lights to be switched on, only when required, thus creating further energy savings. Modern longer-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting will offer the correct calculated light required and provide a significant impact on your bottom line, reducing operational costs, maintenance downtime and lower energy consumption. With proven expertise in delivering smart lighting solutions, we offer bespoke solutions based on our knowledge of advanced lighting that will reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and provide your workforce with the lighting they need for optimum performance. Our lighting engineers and designers ensure that all designs meet Workplace Lighting Regulations, CIBSE guidelines and emergency lighting conforms to BS5266.
warehouse lighting - LED light for warehouses

Gain a rapid return on investment

It’s a fact that rising energy bills mean lower profit margins. By investing in upgrading your organisations lighting scheme to super-efficient LED fittings, zone lighting and daylight sensors will deliver considerable energy savings over time and will pay for itself.

Earlsmann lighting understands the lighting needs of functioning warehouse spaces.

Typical warehouse lighting upgrade energy saving illustration

warehouse lighting - 50% energy saving

Energy saving

warehouse lighting - 3 year typical payback

Typical payback

warehouse lighting - huge savings over product lifespan

Huge saving over product lifespan

Most warehouse lighting projects have achieved at least a 50% energy saving, lowered maintenance costs and delivered a typical payback of the initial investment over less than 3 years. Modern LED technology offers a longer lifespan therefore a typical long-term saving over 10 years can run into the hundreds of thousands.
(Based on a 5,000 m2 facility).

Minimise Your Energy Lighting Consumption

With our flexible approach to our service offering, we can provide experience and expertise at any key stage to support your project or help with the entire project life-cycle.


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Claim 100% tax relief via the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

What is the Annual Investment Allowance Scheme?

The UK’s Annual Investment Allowance Scheme enables businesses to claim enhanced tax relief for investing in energy-efficient equipment such as LED lighting solutions.

Upgrading lighting schemes to modern LED technology will provide energy saving and in turn lower electricity bills. Carefully selected fittings and equipment may also ensure that the investment is eligible for 100% tax relief within the first year.

FREE Audit | Site Survey

The initial audit is conducted via telephone to identify the client’s requirements and assess the current lighting scheme.
A site survey* enables one of our lighting experts to physically assess the environment, highlight deficiencies and establish the correct light levels required.

*Available to eligible companies

Design | Specification

This enables us to create CAD models and utilise specialist lighting software to design a lighting scheme that provides the correct light levels and adheres to lighting standards. 

Energy-saving calculations are provided and ROI (Return on Investment) demonstrated.

Supply | Installation

An installation plan is devised to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. For larger projects we assign an account manager to project manage and oversee the entire process.

3 Step Process

Earlsmann lighting has an easy 3 step process that reviews the current lighting scheme, addresses the required upgrade and supplies and installs the right solution with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Call 01884 259917  to speak to one of our lighting specialists or email: sales@earlsmannlighting.co.uk


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